Design_RAYS_candles.jpgRAYS candles

is a range of airy and very elegant candlles with a strong graphical and futuristic expression. The RAYS range is a unique and instantly recognisable collection with a characteristic slender array of arms. Here Nordic design meets Japanese undertones and Danish workmanship. 

The candles comes in 3 hights. Small 22 cm, medium 28 cm and large 34 cm. They are very strong related with both the RAYS dish and RAYS bowl. The candles make an attractive decoration in themselves and cast attractive shadows on tables and surfaces.

Design by industrial designer Trine Mervig.


The RAYS range is an elegant collection of instantly recognisable dishes and bowls with a characteristic slender array of arms. RAYS dishes and RAYS bowls are specially developed to hold fruit. But make an attractive decoration in and of themselves.

RAYS cast attractive shadows on tables and surfaces. Nordic design meets Japanese undertones and Danish workmanship.

Everybody's found a mouldy apple at the bottom of their fruit bowl. But with RAYS this problem is kept to a minimum. Because of it's open design, fruit in a RAYS bowl or dish is kept oxygenated, keeping brown spots at bay.


SQUARE jewellery bases is a classic and elegant range of jewellery trees. SQUARE jewellery bases are made from matte black metal with a high-quality finish. And, there's room for everything from earrings and studs to bracelets and necklaces. Whichever model you choose you'll find it comes with holes for you to attach your studs. The range is characterised by an attractive yet simple design with unique details. A calming minimalist presence where your jewellery can come to the fore without stealing the limelight. A jewellery tree that fits in throughout the home wherever you want to display and store your jewellery.

The range includes jewellery bases that are tall and slim and ones that are broad and low. Plus there's also a specially designed SQUARE jewellery base you can hang from your ceiling – perfect for long chains and an attractive addition to any bedroom.


The stylish minimalist design of SQUARE candle holders gives tealight candles a lift.

SQUARE uno holds one 1 tealight, and SQUARE quattro 4. The candle holders cast attractive soft star-shaped shadows on tables and surfaces.

The range is constructed in matte black metal and comes attractively gift wrapped.


The minimalistic CRUX range of elegant candlesticks and candle holders in matte black metal features a high-quality finish with seamless joins. The range features a solo candlestick for one candle, a candelabra for 5 candles and a hanging advent crown for 4 candles.

The exclusive CRUX range is designed with clean lines and classic tones. Candlesticks and candle holders you'll treasure and use again year after year.

The CRUX XMAS advent crown is supplied with an aluminium wax collector and black suspension thread.


ZOO·METER is a cute and funny ruler for measuring your children. With the charming animals - your kids will just love it. With its strong graphic lines - you will just love it too ...

This is where you can write your childís name and age or date to remember how it was. Itís fun for your child to follow to grow from the snail to the penguin to the dromedary, etc. The measuring stick has graduations for every centimeter and a white box to write in. 

ZOO·METER was designed by industrial designer Trine Mervig.


ZOO·FABET is a magical alphabet to nursery. Write your child’s name on the door or on a wall. - or just the initials. Or use the letters as wall decoration and write something completely different ...

ZOO·FABET comes in 5 colors - pink, blue, orange, black and white. 

Mount the ZOO·FABET on the wall/door with the included double-sided adhesive pads.

ZOO·FABET was designed by industrial designer Trine Mervig.


WHO?ME! is a range of whimsical, colourful and attractive hooks. A series of small figures with a snout that functions as a hook. The range appeals to children in particular and is great for children's jackets in the hall. The WHO?ME! range consists of a total of 10 hooks: a boy, a girl, a duck, a seal, a penguin, a snowman, a devil, a ghost and 2 curvy figures.

WHO?ME! is also available in stainless steel. The perfect bathroom hook – an amusing addition to lighten the tone made from a highly-durable material.


STUFF·IT is a range of boxes for storing all the things that otherwise just end up lying around. Hang them from the wall in your hall, bathroom or children's rooms. STUFF·IT comes in two sizes, a mini box suitable for keys, phones, adapters, leads, dummies, shampoo bottles, you name it; and a maxi box for gloves, hats, toys and other more sizeable objects that are either in the way or nowhere to be found... STUFF·IT boxes come with a happy little figure dancing around on the edge of the box. A cheery little thingamajig that spreads good humour and can help kids distinguish between the different boxes. The thingamajig is available in 5 different colours and 4 different postures. Tidying up becomes that little bit more fun! STUFF·IT is made from white enamelled aluminium, meaning it won't rust.


BLACKBOX is a unique and textural storage box which beautifully combines the smooth-edged steel with the soft and stain-resistant wool felt. The wool on BLACKBOX is equipped with a magnetic backing and close always behind you ... BLACKBOX is a wall-mounted storage box with a sloping front. An elegant track of felt is running around the box and in the same time forming a lid. Wool felt is both water and dirt repellent. The felt is 100 % sheep wool in 3 mm thickness. The felt is available in selected colors. BLACKBOX is easy to affix on the wall. Just use the fittings supplied, including bracket screws and plugs. The box can be easily lifted off the bracket so that you can take your ëbusinessí over to the desk, sofa or ... BLACKBOX was designed by architect Mette Fredskild.


ZIIGZAAG is a range of stylish minimalistic shelves to hang on your wall. Available as a wine rack, CD shelf and DVD shelf ZIIGZAAG is made from white aluminium. ZIIGZAAG is an attractive and dynamic wall sculpture that you can combine as you choose. The shelves' unique shape means you can fit them together in a myriad different ways – find yours!

ZIIGZAAG displays and stores your bottles/CDs/DVDs safely and attractively on gently angled shelves. This gives the shelves a unique dynamism that's discrete yet fresh.


The wall-mounted BACKBONE bookshelf is a poetic backbone for your book collection. BACKBONE is

masculine yet delicate, with ingenious integrated bookends to keep your books secure. You get the same shelf space as a standard square shelf (e.g. a Montana) but in a new and intriguing form. BACKBONE is made from aluminium with a white lacquer finish.


PIXIE is a range of quirky Christmas pixies to hang on your Christmas tree, advent crown or anywhere you want them. There are 8 different pixies in the PIXIE range:: Julie, Julius, Julle & Juliane and Freja, Frits, Fie & Filippa. Each pixie has it's own unique character but there's no mistaking the family resemblance. 

Why not spice up your Christmas decorations. Let them pop up all around your house, or why not group them as a festive feature on your advent crown?

This is adorable and trendy christmas decorations that you will simply enjoy to find year after year after year....

Design_DUCKLINGS.jpgFabulous Easter decorations...

EASTER·DUCKLINGS is a range of small attractive and very special Easter ducklings. Exclusive and original designer Easter decorations. 

The little bright yellow ducklings are an attractive addition to a spring branch or the CRUX Xmas candleholder which makes an attractive decoration throughout the year with different decorations.

EASTER·DUCKLINGS are attractive and distinctive, they're cute and in perfect taste. There are 8 different ducklings in the set.

Design by industrial Designer Trine Mervig.